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BLEMISHES:How to Get Rid of Blemishes

You can get rid of blemishes or pimples, as they are sometimes called, and reduce your risk of getting them in the future. All you need are some good skincare products containing ingredients that address the causes of blemishes.

If you read my last article, you know that the main cause of pimple formation is clogged pores. You also learned that people with oilier complexions are more likely to have pimples than people with dry or normal skin. So, excessive oils play a role in clogging the pores.

Excessive bacteria on the skin may also be involved. It is not possible to get rid of bacteria completely, but you may be able to reduce their numbers. Even antibiotic resistant bacteria respond to natural antibacterial agents.

Inflammation plays a role in the severity of pimples and also causes the redness and pain that usually accompanies a blemish. Research has shown that natural anti-inflammatories applied directly to the skin are more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs for this kind of issue.

So, there’s your recap. Now, let me tell you about the ingredients that can help you get rid of blemishes and keep them from coming back.

Kaolin and Bentone Gel

Kaolin and bentone gel are derived from a special kind of clay. The ingredients absorb excessive oils without causing dryness or irritation. They gently unclog pores by trapping the debris that causes the clogs. The ingredients are found in deep cleansing masks that are used every two weeks. After about 20 minutes, you wash the mask away. The oil and pore-clogging debris sticks in the mask and gets washed away with it.

Active Manuka Honey

Active manuka honey is one of the most potent natural antibacterial agents. It has been fully evaluated by scientists and is known to be effective against staph and other species of bacteria normally present on the skin.

Manuka is found in deep cleansing masks, daily cleansers, body lotions and a number of other products. It helps to heal existing blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.

Allantoin and Xtend-TK

Allantoin and Xtend-TK have natural anti-inflammatory activity. The first is derived from plants. The second is a formula containing a unique protein, similar to the one found in human skin.

Allantoin is found in deep cleansing masks. It helps to soothe existing blemishes, reduce redness and reduce any irritation.

Xtend-TK is found in a variety of skincare products because it has anti-aging properties and antioxidant properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent non-greasy moisturizer that helps to prevent dryness that would otherwise be caused by kaolin and bentone gel.

A Good Skincare Regimen

If you get a lot of blemishes, here’s what you should do. Use a daily cleanser containing active manuka honey whenever you shower.

Always wash your face with the cleansing mask before going to bed. Change your pillow cases regularly, as skin debris gets stuck on the pillows and contributes to clogged pores.

After you wash your face, use a light moisturizer and be sure it contains Xtend-TK. This will help to keep inflammation in check and can also reduce the amount of oil produced by your skin, especially if it contains maracuja, a passion fruit extract that helps to reduce oil production.

Make sure that all of the skincare products you use contain the best ingredients. That’s the key to getting rid of blemishes for good.

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TIP:  Every two weeks use a age defying cleansing mask to remove any skin debris and excessive oils that can clog your pores. Age Defying CLEANSING MASK