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How to Heal Flaky Dry Facial Skin

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If you read the previous article, you know about all of the things that can cause flaky dry facial skin.  This article looks at how to heal or treat the condition.

Even if you have learned that the cause is an illness or a prescription medication, the problem can and should be addressed. Excessive dryness and flaking can increase your risk of infection. When the skin’s function is compromised, it makes it harder for your body to resist things like fungi and parasites.

*Best Treatment for Dry Flaky Facial Skin

Excessive dryness also increases your risk of wrinkles. So, in order to look good today and tomorrow, you need an effective treatment. The most effective treatment is a deep hydrating facial mask containing Cetiol CC.

 Womens - Hydrating Mask 

Some people find that it takes only one treatment to take care of the problem. But, you can use the best facial masks on a biweekly basis (twice a month) to ensure that the problem does not return.

*Moisturizing is Very Wise

A good daily moisturizer is beneficial and should be used after every bath or shower. If you have not been using a daily moisturizer, you should start with the deep hydrating mask containing Cetiol CC. Then, begin using your regular moisturizer on the following day.

Most dermatologists suggest a moisturizer or emollient for flaky dry facial skin, but they are not always specific. Many of the moisturizers on the market contain nothing more than petrolatum.

Any honest source will tell you that petrolatum is not actually moisturizing. It is not absorbed by the skin’s layers. The only thing that it really does is cause greasiness.

*Cetiol CC - What is it?
Dermatologists are the experts in conditions that affect the skin’s health and appearance, but they (like all doctors) rely on the pharmaceutical companies to tell them about the best treatments. When it comes to topically applied treatments (emollients) for flaky dry facial skin, they rely on the major cosmetic companies. Many of them are unaware of emollients like Cetiol CC.

Cetiol CC is a plant-based emollient that is truly moisturizing. Emollients and moisturizers are often thought of as synonymous, but emollients should soften, as well as moisturize.

If you are like most people with excessive dryness and flaking, you have noticed that your skin feels rough, too. Only a good emollient will remedy that problem.

*Proper Ingredients Are Important
As I mentioned in my previous article, the ingredients in the most popular skincare products are the most common causes of flaky dry facial skin.  Even many of the so-called moisturizers contain petroleum-based alcohols and other irritating ingredients. You can tell when the label says “not to be used on broken or inflamed skin”.

There are some products on the market that can be used with confidence. They will not cause more problems and they will heal existing ones. I recommend only what has been proven to work.

They must be used on any complexion type and be especially good for people with sensitive skin.

Deep Hydrating Mask contains Cetiol CC,* as well as a half dozen other moisturizing ingredients. If you have flaky dry facial skin, it will provide the healing you are looking for. Start today for results tomorrow. How to Soften Rough Spots on Your Face

  Womens - Hydrating Mask 

 *Cetiol CC is an emollient, which helps to soften the skin and does not leave an oily film on the skin. Cetiol CC is used in cosmetics because it helps impart a velvety dry skin feel to the product.