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How to Prevent Blackheads  


Blackheads are a result of oxidative damage, clogged skin pores and inflammation. You learned about that in my last article. Here, you will learn about how to prevent them with cosmetic ingredients like natural vitamin E. 

  • Importance of Ingredients in Skin Care 

Most cosmetics contain ingredients that can cause a comedone, which can be a blackhead or a whitehead. In years past, some cosmetic ingredients were designated as comedogenic. Dermatologists had a long list of comedogenic ingredients in their offices. 

There is some debate today about whether it is the ingredients or the finished product that causes acne cosmetica, which is acne that is caused or made worse by cosmetics. There is no doubt that some cosmetics cause folliculitis; inflammation of the hair follicles. 

  • Ingredients & Inflammation 

So cosmetic ingredients can cause clogged skin pores and inflammation. As you already know, if you read my previous article, inflammation can cause a narrowing of the follicle, which means that clogging is more likely. 

You also learned that blackheads are usually found in the hair-producing follicles. The black color is a result of oxidative damage. Ingredients like natural vitamin E are antioxidants. They may help prevent the sebum and keratin from becoming oxidized.  

But we also need to move those particles on out of the pores and address the issue of inflammation. We also want to prevent permanent oxidative damage that leads to cellular aging.  

When you think of cosmetics, you might think of foundation and other types of makeup. But other health and beauty aids are cosmetics too. Cosmetic manufacturers make cleansers and moisturizers. It might seem hard to believe, but many of the cleansers on the market contain ingredients that can cause clogged skin pores and inflammation. 

  • Vitamin E – Effective Preservative 


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Most manufacturers do not use natural vitamin E, even though it is an effective preservative and could prevent the oxidation that causes blackheads. Some of the ingredients in cleansers and moisturizers are known to cause oxidative damage within the skin’s layers. Examples are found in the sunscreen ingredients that are so popular today. 

  • Prevention of Clogged Skin Pores & Blackheads 

The solution for preventing clogged skin pores and blackheads is to avoid cosmetics that contain inflammatory or comedogenic ingredients and to use a deep cleansing facial mask on a regular basis to clear out toxins, sebum, keratin and other residue. The mask should contain natural vitamin E to help prevent minor and permanent oxidative damage.  

It should contain kaolin and bentone gel, clay extracts that gently pull out keratin and toxins, while drying up sebum. It should contain allantoin and Functional Keratin, because those are two potent naturally occurring anti-inflammatories. You will find that masks containing those ingredients are soothing to existing blemishes and speed healing.  

Clogged skin pores can result in a minor infection, because of bacteria buildup. An ingredient called active manuka honey has mild antibacterial activity. There are new antibacterial gels containing the active ingredient. You can find it in a good age defying deep cleansing facial mask.

Natural vitamin E may provide numerous benefits to the skin’s health and appearance. Preventing blackheads is one of the most desirable. Just say “no” to comedones. Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask