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How to Prevent Free Radical Skin Damage

There are many things that may help decrease and stop free radical skin damage.  You might already be aware of some of them.  Here we focus on the benefits of a hydrating facial mask containing Avocado oil and some other nourishing ingredients.

In my last article, you learned how toxins and UV rays of sunlight lead to increased free radical activity.  You also learned that the radicals can eventually damage the skin’s cells and fibers.  But, you didn’t learn about the antioxidants.


Antioxidants are the balancing factors that keep radicals under control.  Ideally, there would be one antioxidant molecule for every radical molecule present in the cell.

The antioxidants have the ability to voluntarily give away an electron.  This neutralizes the free radical, which will prevent skin damage.  But there are a couple of problems.

First, there might not be enough antioxidants present in cells to neutralize all of the radicals.  In most cases, it takes one antioxidant molecule to neutralize one free radical.  The antioxidant is converted into water or another inactive substance during the process.

Avocado Oil

A facial mask containing Avocado oil addresses that problem, because of the antioxidants it contains.  Formulas can be designed that allow the cells to absorb the oils and the antioxidants.  Those formulas penetrate deeply, neutralizing all of the radicals they come into contact with.

Another problem is that the antioxidant content naturally decreases with age.  I mentioned in the previous article that the number of free radicals increases with age.  Dermatologists also found that the number of antioxidants decreases, which makes the problem even worse.  It’s no wonder that most people over a certain age have some degree of free radical damage.

The regular use of Avocado oil will help to increase the  antioxidant content, which should help to keep the radicals under control.  But another ingredient provides even more benefits. Womens - Hydrating Mask 

 Key Ingredient

As I mentioned above, it takes one antioxidant molecule to neutralize one free radical…in most cases.  A compound called  Keratin has been shown to have a unique enzymatic antioxidant activity.  Instead of neutralizing only one molecule, a molecule of ingredient can neutralize hundreds.  With regular use, that should prevent damage caused by free radical activity and possibly reverse it.

Nano-lipobelle H EQ10 - Effective Compound

The best facial mask on the market contains Avocado oil and another ingredient that has proven effectiveness for reversing wrinkles and healing sun damage.  That ingredient is called nano-lipobelle H EQ10, a combination of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E in a nano-emulsion form.

Nano-emulsions are relatively new, but we are seeing more of them.  These emulsions (something like a fancy word for a moisturizer or lotion) have the ability to penetrate through the tiny spaces between the cells.

That means that HEQ10 can penetrate very deeply to help slow down and repair free radical skin damage.  Only the best hydrating facial mask contains Avocado oil, HEQ10 and Functional Keratin.  Don’t you deserve the best?  Yes you do and here is where to get it.

Womens - Hydrating Mask