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How to Prevent Premature Aging Skin

The regular use of a hydrating facial mask containing nourishing ingredients like Macadamia oil is how to prevent the signs of premature aging.  If you choose the right mask, you should see a reversal in fine lines, roughness and uneven tone. 

Here’s how to evaluate the ingredients and choose the right product. 

**Causes of Older Appearing Complexion

If you read my last article, you understand that there are many causes of early aging.  You also learned that the most common is overexposure to the sun. 

**Macadamia Oil - Dryness Prevention

A hydrating mask containing Macadamia oil might not provide all of the protection you need against overexposure.  But with regular use, it will prevent excessive dryness and excessive dryness is one of the causes of wrinkling and lost firmness.

The antioxidants in Macadamia oil may help prevent the free radical damage caused by UV rays of sunlight.  Ideally, a deep hydrating facial will contain numerous antioxidants.  At least one antioxidant has been proven to reverse sun damage and early looking complexion associated with it.

**Nano-lipo HEQ10 - Sun Damage Help
Nano-lipobelle H EQ10 has been used in several clinical trials to see if it could help women suffering from sun damage on their faces.  After three months of daily use, the women saw a 30% reduction in fine lines, which is significant.  Most creams provide no more than a 10% improvement.

You wouldn’t use mask on a daily basis, but you could use it every week or two.  If you also used an age-defying day cream containing nano-lipobelle H EQ10, you should see a big improvement in a very short time. 

Nano-lipobelle H EQ10 is a patented formula containing tiny nanometer-sized particles of vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.  It is an “emulsion”, which is something like a moisturizer, but also a softener.

Now if roughness is your big problem, there is simply nothing better than Macadamia oil.  It is a luxurious oil that is quickly and easily absorbed. Like nano-lipobelle, it has proven to be effective for protecting the cells against aging.

You might wonder why you need to use several proven effective ingredients.  My answer to that is “why not”.  Most companies are satisfied with including one active ingredient.  Some of them even combine the active formula with petrolatum to lower their costs.  As you learned in the last article, some dermatologists believe that petrolatum can actually cause wrinkles before its time.

**Vitamin E - Helps Prevent Uneven Skin Tone & Age Spots

The vitamin E in both macadamia oil and in nano-lipobelle is well known for preventing an uneven tone or age spots.  If you use a facial mask containing Macadamia oil, nano-lipobelle and other nourishing ingredients every two weeks, you should see a big improvement in softness and smoothness.

**Active Manuka Honey and More

The best company that I have found does not stop with just two “actives”.  They include vegetable emollients that soften and hydrate, active manuka honey to work against free radical damage and protein peptides to improve firmness.

With those ingredients, you can say goodbye to the signs of older complexion and hello to a more youthful looking you. 

The ingredients are right and have the right amount.

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