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How to Reduce Skin Freckles


I promised to teach you how to lighten skin spots and treat freckles in my last article. All that it takes is the regular use of a good whitening day cream. But, the ingredients must be correct or the product will be ineffective. In some cases, whiteners can be bad for your skin’s health. The ones you will learn about in this article work safely. Let’s start with grape seed oil.

**The Right Ingredients

Freckle production indicates that some degree of free radical damage has occurred. Grape seed oil is rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and help to reverse it. It is a good source of natural vitamin E, which helps to prevent the appearance of age spots.
Grape seed oil is also a good moisturizer, because it contains essential fatty acids very similar to those present in the skin’s layers. These fatty acids protect, lubricate and support the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Next, let’s look at Extrapone Nutgrass Root. It is an essential ingredient if you want to lighten skin spots and freckles quickly, because it inhibits melanin production.

**Skin Pigment

As you learned in the last article, melanin is a pigment or color responsible for the skin’s complexion or tone and for freckles. Melanin production is normally triggered by UV rays from the sun. As melanin production increases, the freckle will become darker.

Using a cream containing Extrapone Nutgrass root will lighten the complexion quickly. But, that does not mean that you should spend more time in the sun. On the contrary, you should protect your face and other freckles areas from sunlight. If you are using Extrapone to inhibit melanin production, your skin’s tolerance for sunlight will decrease. You will be more likely to burn.

**Lighten Skin Spots - Xtend TK.


The next essential ingredient to lighten skin spots and freckles quickly is Xtend TK. Like grape seed oil, it is an effective moisturizer. It is a natural protein derived from sheep’s wool. It works to stimulate the production of new cells. Since the cream you are using also contains Extrapone, the new cells produced will be lighter in color.

The old cells will slough off during cleaning and the new lighter cells will take their place. This is not a bleaching effect, but a very natural process that may hardly be noticeable to co-workers or others around you.

**Harsh Exfoliants Are Not Necessary

You do not have to use harsh exfoliants in order to lighten skin spots. The skin’s natural exfoliating processes should be enough to fade freckles gradually. You can expect that your entire complexion will become lighter and more even-toned, regardless of your age.

If you happen to be over the age of 40 or 45, you may have some wrinkles and other signs of sun damage. If you are under 40, you need an ingredient that will help prevent against the free radicals that cause the signs of aging.

While the antioxidants in grape seed oil are good, nothing is as effective as coenzyme Q10. It has proven to be effective for reversing sun damage and reducing wrinkles.

That’s all it takes to lighten skin spots, although other ingredients will help you keep your youthful appearance. The manufacturer that I recommend suggests alternating the Extrapone whitening day cream with the use of their regular anti-aging cream. We may as well do everything we can to look our best as the years go by. More Information 


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