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How to Remove (Get Rid of)Age Spots - Naturally


Here’s how to get rid of  brown age spots naturaly in just a few simple steps.  All it  really takes is a good skincare routine.

Skin Care Routine

A good skincare routine starts with washing away toxins.  You should use a gentle cleanser containing only natural non-toxic ingredients on a daily basis.

Facial Cleansing Mask Works Well

Every couple of weeks, you should use a deep cleansing mask that will pull toxins out of your pores.  Check the label of ingredients and look for a mask containing clay extracts called kaolin and bentone gel.

The clay extracts must be combined with plant oils like macadamia oil.  Otherwise the clay will dry out and clog your pores, instead of cleansing them.

Beware of Painful Age Spot Removers

Some sources suggest exfoliation and many age-spot removers contain exfoliating ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  The problem with exfoliation is that it causes irritation, which is not good for aging skin.

Dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons might suggest freezing the spot.  That can work, but it is expensive and painful.  There are two inexpensive options that are not painful and actually improve your skin’s health over time.

Best Option to Safely Remove Brown Age Spots

The second step in a good skincare routine is the key  That step is the use of a good nourishing anti-aging day cream. 

Some women do not like to use moisturizers, because they make their skin feel greasy.  The greasy feeling is actually due to the ingredients in the moisturizer.  Most contain petroleum-based oils like petrolatum or mineral oil.

Because they are not compatible with the skin’s natural oils, they cause greasiness.  It’s kind of like rubbing motor oil on your face.

The best anti-aging moisturizers contain plant based oils that are very similar to the skin’s own.  R&D teams considered how to remove age spots when they were designing anti-aging face creams, because they are common problems.  They came up with two products that work.

Whitening Day Cream - Superior Choice

One is designed for people that want to lighten their overall complexion.  It contains nut grass extracts which inhibit melanin production to lighten the skin.

The other is designed for the average person that just wants to even out the complexion.  The anti-aging ingredient that is most effective for that purpose is Keratin.

Keratin provides numerous anti-aging benefits.  It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.  It stimulates the production of new skin cells and moisturizes at the same time.

When it comes to how to remove age spots Xtend TK Keratin works very well.  The best creams contain other beneficial ingredients that enhance the effects.  Vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 are examples.

Remember that the ingredients in your moisturizer should be all natural.  Vitamin E, for example, can be created synthetically using petrochemicals.  Petrochemicals are toxins.

Artificial preservatives and added fragrances cause irritation that aging skin just doesn’t need.  All that the skin needs is nourishment.  With nutrients, plant extracts and plant-based oils, anti-aging creams provide the essential nourishment. 

After four to six weeks, you will see that the use of a good moisturizer helps to remove brown age spots.  Your friends will want to know your secret.




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