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 Since you want to know how to remove dark circles from beneath your eyes, here are some suggestions.  You have two basic options; cover them up or get rid of them completely.

The Cover Up is a "Cover Up"

In order to cover up dark eye circles, you need makeup. We have hundreds of makeup selections to choose from today. It is important to be picky for several reasons.

First, makeup can help your appearance or hurt it. If it contains petroleum-based oils, it will clog your pores and cause blemishes. Natural plant-based oils are better accepted by the skin. So, they are less likely to cause break outs.

Most makeup on today’s market contains some kind of sunscreen. Some sunscreens are more effective than others. The most effective sunscreen is zinc oxide. You will find some foundation-type makeup containing it.

If you use foundation, go ahead and apply it as you normally would. If it does not provide complete coverage for your dark under eye circles, you will need a concealer.

You may have already discovered that your regular concealer does not hide the dark circles. That is because of the color. Your regular concealer is designed to hide blemishes. It is slightly darker than foundation, but usually won’t contain the right pigments to hide a dark circle.

Depending on your complexion, the circles may appear purple, blue, red or brown. For purple, you need a concealer with a yellowish tone. For blue, orange will work. If the circle seems looks brown like a suntan, a concealer with blue or mauve pigments should work. For red, try a concealer designed for olive skin.

These colors will look funny in the tube, but once applied they create enough contrast to hide the circle. After applying the concealer, apply a neutral colored face powder and follow with your regular liquid concealer. Be sure to use a liquid, not a waxy concealer. The waxy sticks pull at your delicate skin and can make the problem worse.

Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles

In order to get rid of the dark circles completely, you need to make sure that you are getting 8 hours of sleep and drink plenty of water.

You might want to take a good multi-nutritional supplement, too.  Consider distilled fish oil.

Anyone that has dark circles on a regular basis should start using an eye contour gel that contains HALOXYL. It is the only proven effective ingredient available.

HALOXYL will not work immediately, which is why the advice about covering up the dark circles was provided. But with continued use, the majority of volunteers in clinical studies have seen their dark circles go away.

The darkness of the circles was measured before the volunteers began participating in the study. The second measurement was taken 56 days later and there was a significant improvement.

The best eye contour serum contain HALOXYL to get rid of dark circles and EYELISS to get rid of bags. You might not have both, but most people do.

Now you know how to remove dark circles completely and how to cover them up.Womens - Eye Serum 

Eye Serum for Women 


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