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How to Remove Excessive Facial Oil

Removing excessive facial oil requires caution.  Stripping away too many of the protective oils too often will result in dryness and increase your risk of having wrinkled and sagging skin.

We tend to think about the current problem first, which is understandable.  But, we should think about the future, too.  There are ways to reduce oiliness, without causing dryness or irritation.

Strong cleansers and astringents supposedly designed for oily complexions can cause redness and irritation.  Redness and irritation are symptoms of inflammation, which does damage to the skin’s collagen fibers.  Eventually, it can cause loss of elasticity, in other words sagging skin.

The best suggestion is to use a very gentle daily cleanser and always follow up with a non-greasy non-pore clogging moisturizer.  Every week or two, you can use a deep age defying cleansing facial mask that contains bentone gel and kaolin.  Those ingredients will remove excessive facial oil, without causing future problems that nobody needs.

 Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask

Bentone gel and kaolin are extracts found in certain kinds of clay.  The clay found in the Southern Alps of New Zealand is particularly rich in those compounds.

The clay has been used for thousands of years in face masks.  It is an edible type of clay that is rich in dietary minerals.  Few people eat it these days, but it is found in anti-diarrheal medicines like Kaopectate. 
Silica and aluminum oxide are two of the minerals that are particularly beneficial to the skin’s health and appearance.  They are among the reasons that bathing in mineral water is recognized as beneficial to the skin’s health.

The only problem with the old clay masks is that they would dry out quickly, making them difficult to remove.  Adding water to the clay didn’t work.  Too much liquid makes it slide off of your face. 

Since the extracts are beneficial for absorbing excessive facial oil, their use is desirable.  But, someone had to come up with a solution that would make them easier to use.  The extra scrubbing required to remove the old masks caused redness, irritation and inflammation.

The solution that our R&D team came up with was to add the clay extracts to Shea butter and macadamia oil.  The combination worked.  The extracts absorb excessive facial oil and pull dirt out of the pores.  The butter and oil components prevent the clay from drying out and provide other benefits, as well. 

Bentone gel and kaolin have proven anti-inflammatory and mild disinfectant properties.  If used more than two or three times per month, they could cause dryness or irritation.  So, it is important to use the masks as directed. 

Only our Age Defying Cleansing Facial Mask contains the combination of ingredients mentioned here.  The R&D team chose the ingredients carefully.

Many compounds were tested before they settled on the final formula.
Kaolin, bentone gel, macadamia oil, Shea butter and other beneficial anti-aging ingredients are include in the mask.  Not only will they absorb excessive facial oil.  With regular use, the masks will help keep your skin looking youthful as the years roll by.   
Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask


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