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How to Remove Eye Bags

The regular use of an eye serum containing EYELISS and HALOXYL is how to remove eye bags according to clinical studies.  They are European ingredients that are special natural formulations. 

Key Ingredients That Work

Some of the ingredients used in the formula are polypeptides. Polypeptides have made the news in scientific and dermatological journals in recent years. They are something like protein fragments.

They contain just a few amino acids. Valine and tryptophan are among the amino acids found in the polypeptides that make up EYELISS and HALOXYL. The amino acids are known to be accompanied by numerous health benefits.

That’s one reason that cosmetic companies started investigating their use for reducing bags and dark circles. The two are often found together in men and women, especially as they get older.

The makers of EYELISS and HALOXYL mix the polypeptides with antioxidants and moisturizing emollients that are soothing and further enhance the bag-reducing effects. When you learn about the latest cosmetic ingredients, the better ones sound like nutritional supplements.

Good Skin Care Changes - Good For You

That’s a good thing. It means things are changing. In years past, it was mostly chemicals and petroleum-based oils that were used in lotions and face creams. Those ingredients could actually make the bags worse.

Night Time Help

In addition to using an eye serum containing EYELISS, HALOXYL and other beneficial ingredients, you should also be using a nourishing night cream. Gone are the days of the white cold creams that women used to layer on their faces at night.

Today’s nighttime moisturizers are quickly and readily absorbed. They won’t leave a greasy stain on your pillow and your appearance won’t be unappealing to your bed partner.

The use of a nighttime moisturizer containing Shea butter and avocado extract can reduce the likelihood that you’ll have bags in the morning. But, like the eye serum, they don’t work immediately, so you might need a little more help.

Cold compresses work faster than anything. A cool cloth placed over the eyes as you sit in a reclining, but not a flat sleeping position, will help reduce puffiness.

Patience Pays Off

Large bags are another problem. It may take a few months to see a difference. Researchers have noticed a significant improvement after men and women use HALOXYL and EYELISS for 58 days straight.

You might expect to pay a fortune for something that is natural and proven effective. You can save money by buying online and choosing a manufacturer that does not advertise on television or in glossy magazines. The major companies spend more money on advertising and marketing than they do on effective ingredients.

If you were thinking about getting an injection or some cosmetic surgery, there is really nothing effective for this particular problem. Think of it like swelling anywhere in the body, it takes some time to heal.

Manuka honey is an ingredient that speeds healing. Some of the best eye serums contain it, along with a good amount of HALOXYL and EYELISS.


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