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How to Remove -Eye Puffiness



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When you need to know how to remove eye puffiness, the information here will help. 

Some techniques work faster than others. So, let’s start with the ones that work the best, the safest and the fastest.

Natural Methods for Puffy Eyes

Cold compresses are pretty fast acting. You can keep a cool mask in your freezer or refrigerator. Lying down with your head elevated and the mask on your eyes should work in 20 to 30 minutes.

Using a concealer that is lighter in color than the foundation that you normally use will help to reduce the appearance of the puffiness. This can also help to hide dark circles if they are present.

Slices of cucumber or chilled orange slices are sometimes recommended, although the actual reason for their benefit is due to the cooling effect. If you find then soothing, then go ahead and use them.

Just be careful about getting the juice in your eyes. Orange juice, in particular, will sting and make the puffiness worse.

People have used different kinds of fruit and vegetables. Usually, their choices depend on what’s readily available.

Marine algae, kelp or seaweed are popular choices. Some types work better than others according to scientists. They recommend Canadian brown algae or wakame kelp.

Wakame has proven benefits for dark under eye circles,  which often accompany puffiness. Active extracts from wakame are available in some of the better day and night facial creams.

The regular use of a nighttime moisturizer containing wakame and Shea butter may help prevent morning puffiness and you should find it soothing.

Best Method for Eye Puffiness

It takes time for facial creams and lotions to provide results. But, a good eye contour gel/serum can work pretty quickly, if it contains the right ingredients.

Best Eye Contour Ingredients

EYELISS and HALOXYL are European ingredients that have proven to be beneficial for reducing bags and puffiness in clinical studies. They are all natural ingredients made according to the European Union’s rules for cosmetic ingredients.

Some of the better eye serums contain extracts from Canadian brown algae, too. When you are comparing eye gels, lotions or face creams, the key is to read the label of ingredients. If it contains active, effective ingredients, then it will solve your problem.

EYELISS, HALOXYL and Canadian brown algae are the ingredients to look for in an eye gel. Using an eye serum thatcontains those ingredients on a regular basis will provide the results you want to see.

That’s how to remove eye puffiness, permanently.


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