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How to Remove Crepey,Sagging Skin


If you ask a doctor how to get rid of drooping crepey skin, he or she will likely recommend facial surgery.  Just in case you would like a something more affordable, here are some suggestions.

There are many firming lotions on the market, varying in how well they work. In order to find a cream that does the job, you need to read the label of ingredients.  Here’s what to look for to fix loose skin on your body.

Of course sagginess or looseness can be found under the eyes, under the chin, face, on the arms, stomach anywhere. What is a safe treatment? Most of us prefer not to go to a plastic surgeon for a rejuvenation work over.


The type of protein is important.  Collagen and elastin in products have never been proven to work for any purpose.  For one thing, they are inactive; cannot be absorbed or used by the cells of the body.

An active form of the protein keratin is the right thing to look for.  It has been shown in clinical studies to increase firmness and elasticity by over 40% after only 18 days of use.  Remember to be sure and look for the “active” form.


Practically all anti-aging ingredients contain antioxidants.  Some are better than others, of course.  More than a few companies can sometimes be misleading in their labeling claims. 

Artificial preservatives are technically antioxidants.  But, if they worked then every one would have tight skin.  They abound in foods and beverages.  They are in practically all products.  They will not improve the facial firmness and they might be bad for your health.

The anti-oxidants to look for include coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E.  Studies have shown that COQ10 is particularly effective when the size of the particles is reduced. 

Not only is COQ10 important, it is also critical for anyone that wants to get rid of wrinkles or sun damage.  Several studies have shown that the antioxidant will reverse sun overexposure and wrinkling.

Plant Based Oils

Increasing the moisture content will make it look firmer.  The best moisturizers are plant-based oils.  They can be readily absorbed by the cells, because they are very similar to the the oil found therein. 

Natural Vitamin E

As mentioned above, the use of vitamin E is part of the solution to dryness and related prolems.  It bears mentioning again here, because oils can go bad if they are not preserved.  Vitamin E works to promote shelf-life and reduce the risk of rancidity. 

Wakame Kelp

Last but not least, kelp extracts are good ingredients to look for. What is needed for healthy skin is a lotion or cream that contains all of the above ingredients.  Skincare Overview


How to Remove Sagging Skin

-For a Younger Look

 To remove sagging skin, it helps to understand the causes. To have a new, younger look is the goal we all want.  To get that new look let's briefly consider the causes, the benefits and how to get rid of saggy skin.

The Causes

Those causes include free radical damage, reduced production of elastic fibers and low levels of hyaluronic acid. 

The Benefits

If we can remove sagging skin, we will see fewer wrinkles. When we have fewer wrinkles, a "new you" will begin to appear.

Think about what a facelift or collagen injections do.  They pull the skin tight, which reduces wrinkle depth and makes fine lines disappear. But let's do it a better and safer way.

 There are several steps that we should take to get rid of saggy skin.  Since you want to see the best results, a fresher look,  you should faithfully do all of them.

Improve Your Diet    

In order to produce elastic fibers, the body needs protein.  Vitamin C is a necessary co-factor.  Eating more fruits and vegetables increases your antioxidant intake.  Other than white potatoes and sweet corn, fruits, vegetables and other plant foods are loaded with antioxidants.

In order to get rid of saggy skin, we must be sure to give our bodies the nutrients that it needs to fight free radical damage and produce new fibers.  But, once you remove sagging skin, you’ll want to try and prevent it from returning. We will because we want to keep our new, younger look.

Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins and Sunlight

Toxic pollutants and UV radiation from sunlight increases the number of free radical molecules that are present in the skin’s cells.  If left unchecked, radicals damage collagen fibers and cellular membranes. What you begin to see are fine lines and sagging around your neckline.  Overexposure to the sun also increases your risk of skin cancer.

Take Some Good Supplements

Dietary supplements that can help get rid of saggy skin include coenzyme Q10 and omega3 fish oil.  COQ10 is an antioxidant that is normally present in the skin’s cells, but when exposed to UV rays from the sun, its level is quickly depleted.  Studies have shown that taking a good fish oil supplement will increase the skin’s firmness by 10% over the course of three months.  But, if you choose to take only one step for remove sagging skin, don’t skip the use of a nourishing moisturizer. 

Use a Nourishing Moisturizer

Taking supplements is a great idea for increasing your overall health, as long as you choose the ones with all natural ingredients.  There is no reason to believe that synthetic vitamins act like regular ones, yet most of the supplements on the market contain synthetics.  Most skincare products contain artificial preservatives and other additives.  So what is the best and most effective moisturizer?

A nutrient-rich moisturizer that contains all natural ingredients will help you get rid of saggy skin.  One of the causes mentioned in the first paragraph was low levels of hyaluronic acid.  The only way to address that is to use a cream containing wakame kelp extracts.  The only proven way to increase production of elastic fibers is to use a cream containing the active form of the protein keratin. 

The best moisturizers remove sagging skin because they contain coenzyme Q10 to address free radicals, keratin to increase collagen production and wakame kelp to prevent loss of hyaluronic acid. 

Just to recap on how to remove or at least reduce sagging skin:

1. Eat Right.  More fruits and veggies.  Less sugary junk food.
2. Too much sun promotes wrinkles.  Limit exposure.  Use a zinc oxide sun blocker. Do not use a sunscreen.  They disappear into the body; zinc oxide does not.
3. Supplement with fish oil and a quality multi-nutrient
4. Use a good age defying day cream.  Skincare Overview



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