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How to Restore Blemished Skin

The regular use of an age defying cleansing facial mask will help heal pimples and prevent other types of skin blemishes, as long as it contains the right ingredients.  Active manuka honey is one ingredient to look for. And there are more ingredients that we will explore right now.

Active manuka honey has the ability to kill skin bacteria overgrowth, without disrupting the skin’s natural flora balance.  Broad spectrum antibacterial ointments kill too many of the bacteria.  Too few are just as bad as too many.  You learned about that in the previous article.

*Antibiotic Caution

The overuse of antibiotics has caused certain kinds of bacteria to become harder to kill.  Dermatologists have noted this and advised their patients not to use antibiotic ointments to heal pimples, except on rare occasions.  They never advise the use of oral antibiotics anymore, because they just don’t work.

*Natural Antibacterial

The natural antibacterial activity of active manuka honey and other naturally occurring compounds are effective and the bacteria don’t have a chance to build up a resistance against them.  Manuka is a unique variety of mono-floral honey.  Not all varieties have the same power. 

You may remember that bacteria overgrowth is not the only cause of skin blemishes.  Blackheads are caused by dead cells becoming oxidized and stuck in the pores. 

Ingredients called kaolin and bentone gel have the ability to pull dead cells, dirt, grime, old makeup particles and anything else out of the pores. 

Bentone gel has natural antiseptic activity that assists manuka honey in its battle against pimples.  Kaolin has the ability to absorb excessive sebum, which you recently learned is the cause of skin blemishes called whiteheads.
So, there you have three ingredients that your deep cleansing facial mask should contain.

*Bentone Gel
*Manuka Honey
They address many of the causes of pimples that you recently learned about.  But, you might remember that inflammation is a major factor, too.

The best deep cleansing facial mask contains three different ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory activity. 
Those are:

**Shea butter,

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By including multiple anti-inflammatory ingredients, you see fast results.  With just one use of this “special” kind of facial mask, you should see a reduction in the size of any pimples currently present.  Some blackheads and whiteheads may be gone after the first use, too.  Others may take an additional treatment to work out. 

You can use a deep age deying cleansing mask of this kind every two weeks.  If you do use it regularly, it will help protect against sun damage and skin-aging, too. 

Active manuka honey and Shea butter  have antioxidant activity.  Antioxidants work to prevent free radical damage and to repair damage that has already occurred.  The antioxidant activity will also prevent the oxidation of dead cells that leads to blackheads.

You may have tried other deep cleansing masks in the past, only to be disappointed in the results.  There is nothing on the market that will kill skin bacteria overgrowth without disrupting the skin’s balance. 

So, now you know how to heal pimples quickly and restore blemished skin.  You are well on your way to a healthier, more beautiful complexion. Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask


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