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How to Restore Moisture to Your Skin


The use of skin moisturizing products is how to restore moisture to your skin. Skin care moisturizers help soften skin by using a hydrating facial mask.  But, you have to realize that not all moisturizers are the same.   

**Ingredients are Key

Ingredients like Cetiol PGL, glycerin, sorbitol, macadamia and avocado oils are the best moisturizers.  Xtendlife’s hydrating facial mask contains them all.
With just one treatment, you will notice a big difference in your skin’s softness and smoothness.  Making the mask a part of your regular skin care routine will reverse excessive dryness and help to prevent it from happening in the future.

**Over Cleansing Danger
If you read the previous article, you understand how detrimental over-cleansing can be.  But, you also realize that regular cleansing is a must for good hygiene. 

What you may not realize is the importance of using a moisturizer on a regular basis to replace oils that are lost during a shower, due to low humidity and for other reasons.  You might not even realize how rough your skin has become until you see how Cetiol PGL can soften skin.

**3 Important Reasons You Must Know

Age Defying  Womens - Hydrating Mask contains numerous ingredients to help restore skin moisture.  Cetiol PGL was chosen as an ingredient for at least three reasons.

1. First, it is a natural plant-based ingredient that contains a fraction of an omega-3 complex, which is very similar to the complex found in the skin’s sebum.  Sebum is what would ordinarily keep the skin’s moisture from drying out.  All of those causes of excessive dryness that you have learned about strip sebum away.

2. Second, it contains no aromatics…no fragrances.  Fragrance ingredients, even those that are plant-based, are common causes of allergic reactions.

3. Third, it is an emollient (softens living tissues) and a moisturizer.  Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, moisturizers and emollients are not exactly the same.  The best hydrating facial mask contains both moisturizers and emollients.

*Moisturizers restore skin moisture.  The omega-3 complex in Cetiol PGL is a moisturizer, because it replenishes lost oils.

*Emollients soften skin.  There are three natural vegetable emollients in Xtendlife’s hydrating facial mask; Cetiol PGL, Cegasoft PFO and Cetiol CC.
You might be wondering about the other ingredients that I mentioned above.

Glycerin and sorbitol provide extra deep hydration.  Glycerin is considered one of the better moisturizers on the market. 

*Macadamia and Avocado oils are very similar to the skin’s sebum on a molecular level.  So they are quickly absorbed and quickly reverse dryness issues.  But, that’s not all they do.

As you may know, some of the skin care products on the market today aim to reverse and/or prevent skin aging. 

Macadamia oil has been proven to protect the skin’s cells from aging.  Avocado oil has been shown to stimulate collagen production.  Decreased collagen production is one of the causes of sagging, wrinkling and other visible signs of age.

**Regular Facial Hydrating Moisturizes and Softens Your Face

Age Defying Hydrating Facial Mask  Womens - Hydrating Mask  can be used on all complexion types.  It will not cause pimples or excessive oiliness.  It could be all that you need for skin moisturizing.

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