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How to Treat Skin Cell Damage

In order to treat skin aging and cell damage, you need some special ingredients.  These ingredients can be found in some of the better skincare products. Macadamia oil is one of them.

Macadamia Oil is Beneficial for the Skin

Macadamia oil has proven benefits for protecting the skin’s cells from damage. You learned in a previous article that cell damage causes skin aging. You also learned that free radicals are among the damaging molecules naturally present within the skin’s cells.

Macadamia oil does not eliminate free radical activity entirely. We are not sure if anything can do that. As you may recall, the radicals perform some vital functions. They are not all bad. They only become bad when balancing antioxidants are not present alongside them within the cells.

Antioxidants Help Skin Health

Antioxidants are molecules that you did not learn about in the previous article. Increasing the skin’s antioxidant level is a key for anyone that wants to treat skin aging.

Cleansing Facial Mask - Important Skin Health Step

The use of a cleansing facial mask containing antioxidants is one of the first treatment steps you should take. While it might not eliminate free radical activity completely, it will eliminate the environmental toxins that contribute to it. It will also control inflammation, assuming it contains the right ingredients.

In addition to macadamia oil,  an age defying cleansing facial mask for fighting and reversing cell damage and eliminating environmental toxins will contain kaolin and bentone gel. The two clay extracts work to absorb excessive oils and pull toxins out of the skin’s pores.

But, if you use a clay mask that does not contain macadamia oil, it will cause excessive dryness, not something that you want to do. Causing dryness is not something that will treat skin aging, even though many of the anti-aging products on the market are drying.

Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask

Manuka Honey - Healing Ability

Another ingredient that a cleansing facial mask should contain is active manuka honey. The antioxidants in manuka may help to eliminate free radical cell damage. The natural ingredient will also help to heal blemishes and prevent new ones from forming, because of its antibacterial activity.

Natural Vitamin E - Great Skincare Potential

Natural vitamin E is another antioxidant that may help eliminate free radical damage and treat skin aging. It has been shown in several scientific studies to reverse the visible signs of age. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It may help to prevent age spots, too.

The average cleansing facial mask does not contain the necessary ingredients for reversing cell damage. It most certainly will not eliminate free radical activity. Only the Xtendlife brand includes all of the ingredients already mentioned, as well as other natural actives.

Allantoin - Soothes Skin - Reduces Inflammation

Allantoin is included to soothe and reduce inflammation. Shea butter is included for numerous reasons. Its healing benefits are well known in some parts of the world. It smoothes out wrinkles, soothes inflammation and moisturizes.

Use a Cleansing Facial Mask Regularly

This age defying cleansing facial mask  is very affordable, despite the fact that it contains so many active ingredients. It should be used twice a month to protect your skin’s cells from environmental toxins and the damaging free radical activity the toxins can cause.
Now, you know the first step to treat skin aging. Cleaning out the toxins is the best way to start.Easy to Use    Womens - Cleansing Mask


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